KUN-BUSD and KUN-QSD went to the top of the Farms' highest APR, how to earn this money

Dear KUNers,

:partying_face:QIAN governance token KUN launched BinanceSmart Chain decentralized exchange Pancakeswap syrup pool, and simultaneously opened the KUN-BUSD and KUN-QSD LP to make Cake. How to participate in the KUN-BUSD and KUN-QSD LP to get high Cake yield?

:lion:Currently, KUN-QSD and KUN-QSD has nearly 1000% of Farming APR, and also are the popular trading pairs in the syrup pool.

:dizzy:How to quickly participate in this highly yield LP activity? Here comes the reference guide.

:point_right:t2:Start block: (approx. 7am UTC on May 11th)

:point_right:t2:Finish block: 9045900 (approx. 7am UTC on July 10th)

:point_right:t2:Rules: Providing liquidity to the KUN-BUSD and KUN-QSD pools are rewarded with Cake.


:dizzy:1. Preparation:

:star:How to get KUN Tokens: on the centralized exchange JAEX (https://www.jaex.co/), and decentralized exchange DODO and Pancake; Or by QIAN V2 Staking lock up yield.

:star:How does MetaMask adjust to the BSC network?

Use MetaMask to set the BSC mainnet (it is recommended to use the MetaMask wallet ).

:one:1. Adjust the wallet to the BSC Mainnet environment: click the MetaMask wallet in the upper right corner, click the Network Selection button, and select "Custom RPC".

:two:2. Enter the following parameters in the "Settings" interface, and click "Save".

Network name: BSC Mainnet

New RPC URL: https://bsc-dataseed.binance.org/

Chain ID: 56

Symbol: BNB

Browser URL: https://bscscan.com/

Switch the network to Binance Smart Chain [BSC Mainnet].

:three:3. QIAN V2 Connect Matemask: "Select Login Account" -- "Click Next" -- "Click Link" -- "Click Signature" to complete the connection.

:four:4. Add token: Add token page in Matemask, add KUN/QSD/DBQ/KBT BSC Mainnet contract address as follows:

"KUN Token": "0x1A2fb0Af670D0234c2857FaD35b789F8Cb725584",

"QSD Token": "0x07AaA29E63FFEB2EBf59B33eE61437E1a91A3bb2",

"DBQ Token":" 0x35a367f17Bc72fbe5FaF9cbE923E4eA05B8990cB",

"KBT Token": "0x0D1a5498acD3C8b86f29D68F10C7BE180e2fd9c5".

Take QSD as an example: click MateMask -- "Asset" -- "Add Token" at the bottom -- "Custom Token" -- fill in the smart contract address of the "QSD Token" at the top -- click "Next", and the addition is successful.

:lollipop:Minimalist operation process for DeFi players:

Open the Farms at Pancakeswap to add liquidity to the KUN-BUSD and KUN-QSD pools.

1)Website: https://pancakeswap.finance/farms

2)Find the KUN-BUSD and KUN-QSD LP pools and authorize Pancakeswap about your matemask and add liquidity to the pool.

3)Add LP tokens to PancakeSwap Farms and get CAKE yield!

Website: https://pancakeswap.finance/pools

Find the KUN-BUSD and KUN-QSD Syrup Pool and take Cake in the Syrup Pool to earn KUN!

Tip: LP Staking has the characteristics of unpredictable losses, users who do not know DEFI, please make a full investigation before deciding whether to participate.

:dizzy:Beginner's Guide

:lollipop:1) Participate in KUN-BUSD and KUN-QSD LP at Pancakeswap on BSC need to

Buy some BNB in Binance exchange and transfer it to the BSC mainnet address in Matemask wallet as GAS fee.

Exchange website: https://www.binance.com/zh-CN/trade/BNB_USDT

:lollipop:2) Enter the Pancakeswap

Search for PancakeSwap directly in the wallet APP or use the PancakeSwap URL: https://pancakeswap.finance/farms

For the example of KUN-BUSD, click "Details"- "Stake LP";

If there is no KUN-BUSD balance, click "Get KUN-BUSD LP";

Enter the "Liquidity", select a certain number of BUSD-KUN, and click "Approve Busd"; After the authorization is successful, click "Supply" to get the KUN-BUSD trade pair.

Return to the Farms page and KKUN-BUSD LP Token to a Pancakeswap pool to earn CAKE!

① Click on the Pancakeswap menu to find "Farms".

② Find the KUN-BUSD LP pool and click "Approve Contract" to authorize LP tokens;

(3) After authorization, click "Stake LP" and deposit the LP token into the "Farms" pool to get CAKE proceeds!

Website: https://pancakeswap.finance/pools

Find "Earn KUN" and put the CAKE into the syrup pool to Earn KUN!

Tip: LP Staking has the characteristics of unpredictable losses, users who do not know DEFI, please make a full investigation before deciding whether to participate.

New exchange for BUSD-QSD pair is needed as on DODO there is quite high slippage. Better to use some solution like Ellipsis Finance or Nerve Finance.

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