Introduction to QIAN V2 forum award-winning essay activity

:dizzy:QIAN V2 has been launched for nearly a month, and it is progressing smoothly and has been updated recently. QIAN V2 is the world's first fractional-algorithmic synthetic assets protocol on Binance Smart Chain. As an innovative project, QIAN V2 is a "new face" to the crypto world.

In order to allow more investors who want to participate in the development of QIAN V2, and understand the operating logic of QIAN V2 more quickly and better, the QIAN community will hold the "QIAN V2 award-winning essay" activity. Your article should use a clear introduction to make the QIAN V2 product easy to understand.

:star:Event Details:

Essay application: May 1 -- May 30, 2021

Community vote: May 31 -- Jun 2, 2021

The award will be issued on Jun 8,2021

Everyone can participate.

:star:Bonuses are as follows

:partying_face:First rank: 1888 KUN(1)

:partying_face:Second rank: 100 KUN(1)

:partying_face:Participation award: 10 KUN(3)


  1. The introduction to QIAN V2 product features, use guideline, and project value are well-organized

  2. Original content;

  3. You can share your experience about how to use QIAN V2, the shortcut of QIAN V2, etc.

Competition method: community vote

Just email us at [email protected]

:dizzy:Winning articles will be published on the QIAN community forum and professional media platforms such as Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, Coindesk, etc.

Note: The QIAN governance committee enjoys the right to publish and use articles in this essay activity. (The author's name will be marked when the article is published)