Chemix Launchpad - offers users high quality tokens at a discount

Chemix Launchpad - offers users high-quality tokens at a discount

NFTBomb Global Tina: Hi Larra, nice to see you here today! Could you please briefly introduce yourself?

Chemix Larra: Hello, my name is Larra, I'm from Chemix and I'm currently in charge of operations and promotions for the European market.

NFTBomb Global Tina: Nice, so let's start our AMA for today. So the first question, Can you introduce the origin of the name Chemix Ecosystem, which sounds like the name of a certain chemical laboratory?

Chemix Larra: Chemi in Chemix Ecosystem is derived from Chemical reaction, which corresponds to synthetic assets that are one of our core businesses, and x represents unknown and unlimited possibilities. The combination of the two represents the rich and diverse results of the “combination” of synthetic assets. The icon of our project is a round-bottomed flask, hoping that more users can become Crypto chemists, creating endless possibilities.

NFTBomb Global Tina: Very nice answer. The next one, recently, Chemix Ecosystem is undergoing project upgrades, and the layout of the entire ecology will also change. Could you give us a detailed introduction to the project history and the planning after upgrading?

Chemix Larra: You can see from Roadmap that we have launched the stable currency protocol QIAN at the end of October 2020. Based on the QIAN protocol, we issued a stable coin QUSD with a mechanism similar to DAI. In the second quarter of 2021, we upgraded the QIAN protocol to Chemix V1, issued a fractional algorithm-based stable coin QSD with a mechanism similar to Frax, and launched the synthetic asset platform Chemix Labs. In August 2021, we launched the Second Market Chemix Launchpad, realizing the application scenario of "tokens with a certain lock-up period can be traded in advance through synthetic assets + auction mechanism". Since its launch in August, Chemix Launchpad has completed 22 auctions., with a total turnover of over 4.5 million U.S. dollars, making it the most important and most popular business sector in Chemix Eco.

Currently, we are upgrading the overall technology of the Chemix Ecosystem, and we expect to complete the business optimization and code refactoring of Launchpad products in the first quarter of 2022. At the same time, we will add two sections, Chemix DID credit system and Chemix DEX, and integrate each product into our Chemix Ecosystem, forming a closed-loop of synthesis, issuance, and trading of assets.

In the future, Chemix Ecosystem will be updated with Chemix Launchpad as core business, Chemix DID, Chemix DEX, and Chemix Labs as supplementary ecological structure, forming a new service system. As a result, it is possible to establish a decentralized service system for asset synthesis and trading for the low-liquid equity or tokens of early crypto companies.

NFTBomb Global Tina: Let's talk about launchpad, the main section of Chemix. What are the differences and advantages compared to other launchpad platforms?

Chemix Larra: Chemix Launchpad provides synthetic minting of on-chain assets to release the liquidity of locked assets. In Chemix Launchpad, users can “mirror” the locked on-chain assets, such as unlocked private tokens, lock-up period tokens with DeFi, and Filecoin mining with specific ctokens . The asset issuer only needs to pledge circulated assets on the chain according to a certain proportion and then can mint synthetic assets, unlock asset transactions and realize value circulation. At the same time, other users can also obtain intended assets at a satisfactory price through bidding. As you can see from the above business introduction, Chemix Launchpad focuses on the advanced trading of locked assets currently, which is different from other Launchpads that focuses on launching new cryptocurrencies.

Chemix Launchpad is different from the over-collateralization model of other synthetic asset competitors in that it introduces an external credit system into its self-developed partial mortgage business model. The issuer forms a Chemix DID score by verifying the decentralized credit system and combining it with the platform's internal credit system. In this way, the pledge ratio when issuing assets can be reduced within a certain range from the corresponding credit rating, thereby increasing the utilization rate of funds. For the auction participants, the funds raised under partial mortgages are locked in the contract before the completion of the process, which fully guarantees the security of the transaction.

NFTBomb Global Tina : How can we participate in the launchpad? What are the requirements?

Chemix Larra: First of all, by following the official website of Chemix Ecosystem, Twitter, Medium, Telegram, and other channels, everyone can see the details requirement of participation. To put it simply, one of the conditions for participating in the auction is to obtain whitelist qualification, and the other is to complete KYC verification and meet the nationality requirements for participating in each auction. (Due to regulation factors, most of the current auctions do not allow KYC users in China and the United States to participate). The way to obtain the whitelist is also very simple, we only need to provide 5 QSD/BUSD LP tokens worth 10U on PancakeSwap. In the future, we will allow everyone to obtain whitelist qualifications through diversified methods such as by pledging CEC or holding specific types of Tokens.

NFTBomb Global Tina: Very good answer. How do participants make money? What is the general profitability?

Chemix Larra: At present, the locked-up tokens traded on the platform basically use Dutch auctions. The price drops over time, and the participants obtain the corresponding assets at relatively low cost and sell them in the open market to earn the difference or choose to hold them long-term to earn excess returns. According to statistics, since the launch of the platform in August, the stable annual return is above 60% by participating in the auctions.

NFTBomb Global Tina :Sweet.Can you tell me about auctions held recently? When is the next auction?

Chemix Larra: Thanks to many Chemix Eco partners, the current high-quality projects on the market will continue to be launched on Chemix Launchpad, such as FTT, Mask, Acala, Karura, IMX, ILV, Moonbeam, Moonriver, and so on.

We expect that the next auction will be Acala. We all know that the Acala project is one of the excellent projects among all Polkadot projects, and many friends have been paying attention to it. So this time we hope that users can participate in our Acala auction and get it at their favorite price.

NFTBomb Global Tina :Fantastic!I heard that Launchpad will launch a portfolio auction soon, can you tell us briefly how it works?

Chemix Larra: We are about to launch an asset portfolio auction for a popular theme in January. Taking the current popular topic NFT as an example, the market pain point is that users want to enter the NFT market but do not know which projects to choose, or value a good project but feel that the market price is high and the risk is also high. Chemix Launchpad initials the asset portfolio concept based on these concerns.

An asset portfolio will include a leading project and several undervalued projects. At the same time, we will jointly issue a research report on this portfolio with investment research institutions. The relevant investment institution information of the tokens in the portfolio will also be disclosed to provide users with sufficient information.

Another important point is that the portfolio will be sold at a very big discount to the market price so that users can get the tokens of good projects at prices far below the market price.

Finally, we would like to emphasize that the Chemix launchpad is expecting to launch the first NFT portfolio at the end of January, welcome your attention and participation.

NFTBomb Global Tina: What is the current market cap of the project Token? In terms of usage scenarios and marketing cooperation, what plans do you have for the project Token?

Chemix Larra: The total market cap of our project Token CEC is currently around 5 million USD, which is definitely at the bottom of value discovery. Our team used to focus on developing projects and upgrading products. With the upgrade of the project, the application scenarios of CEC will increase, including, for example, whitelist acquisition, stable coin minting, auction fee discounts, issuer pledge, Launchpad service fee dividends, and so on. In terms of external cooperation, in addition to obtaining fundraisings from top investment institutions, we will also try to launch CEC on top CEXes and DEXes.

NFTBomb Global Tina : Compared with the popular IDO platform Coinlist, what are the advantages of Chemix Launchpad? What are the prospects for development?

Chemix Larra: As a completely decentralized auction platform, all assets of Chemix Launchpad are in the user's own decentralized wallet, which means that users do not need to worry about the risk of the leakage of centralized account security information and thus account assets being stolen. Moreover, data of user behavior is transparent and can be tracked on the chain, and the transaction amount cannot be inflated. In addition, compared with Coinlist, Chemix Launchpad currently does not focus on the IDO market. In other words, it is to “mirror” the locked private equity by generating cToken, and further trade and circulate through the auction, providing users with a richer and more robust investment channel.

Chemix ECO will continue to explore new mechanisms in the synthetic asset area to synthesize new on-chain derivatives in the most effective way. In addition to the current excess pledge and fully debt model, we will combine the market to explore ways to generate credit-based partial pledge assets, thereby continuously expanding the types and application scenarios of synthetic assets. In the end, the most creative synthetic assets can continue to produce new products and application scenarios like chemical reactions.

Free Q&A

  1. Ambassadors play a very important role in every project, Do you have an ambassador program? If yes, how can I be one?

Chemix Larra: We are looking for local KOL ambassadors globally, and we are also working with the global community, so please contact us if you have resources for local ambassadors and Kols. We need ambassadors in every continent and even in every country.

  1. Is This Your project only for elite investors, how about others with small funds, is it open to everyone?

Chemix Larra: We are open to any user, and users can buy tokens with more discounts on Chemix than on the market. There are no restrictions on user participation in the program.

  1. How’s Chemix’s presence in Europe? In which areas/countries or in what communities do you think Chemix should expand its influence? And why?

Chemix Larra: We are expanding the European market. Now we are communicating with local ambassadors in the Czech Republic, Berlin, and Amsterdam. In January, we supported further cooperation.

  1. I am very impressed with your project, can you and the team tell us more about Chemix the idea how it started, and especially why it is needed? Where did the inspiration when you picked that idea come from?

Chemix Larra: You can read our related articles. With Chemix Launchpad, assets issuers can “mirror” locked on-chain assets, such as FTT, and they want to sell on Chemix Launchpad, get immediate value from auctions and realize a high-efficiency value circulation.

At the same time, launchpad users can get the intended assets at a satisfactory price by bidding (attending the auctions). The price is often lower than in the market, such as 20%, 30%, or 40%

We are currently doing Dutch auctions. First, we need to do a whitelist and KYC certification.

In the NFTBomb community, if you finished the whitelist and KYC, I will be rewarded with 100 CEC tokens, no upper limit

Larra Chang, [2021/12/31 18:49]